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We Just Got to Texas

We just got down to Texas the other day, so far we have been living with the mother in law. She has a great big house in the suburbs of Fort Worth that she lives in alone. We are looking for a place of our own, however it is not all that urgent. We had one of those storage pods for most of our stuff, and the company left it out in the driveway. Right now we have learned that down here you are allowed to pick which of the energy providers you want to give you electricity. It is not that big of a deal to me, in fact I am not even sure how you go about picking one of those. Back in Georgia you do not have to worry about this sort of thing. If you want the lights to come on, then you have to pay Georgia Power. That is the only choice that they give you, at least no one ever told me otherwise.

It is pretty complicated when you think that the state of Texas has a hundred or so power companies. However the choice is not anywhere near that great in any one place. There is a web page you can go to, it will tell you what choices are available in your area and give you the rates. From what I can tell there is not a big difference between one and the other. Of course I suspect that the real thing you want is reliability and for them to show off when the lights go off. That is obviously the big thing, when you flick on that light switch you are going to want to have lights or just as importantly all of the other modern things that we have grown to rely upon.

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