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Starting to Plan the Christmas Shopping

Last year I wanted until almost Christmas and had a devil of a time getting all of my shopping done in time. This year I have already gotten a little bit of a head start on it, although I have just been picking at the edges a bit. In all there are a couple of dozen people on the list and a few of them are easily taken care of. I let my secretary pick out her own gift and she gave me a http://bedbathandbeyondcouponzone.com to help me make the budget work for what she wanted. It was some sort of little kitchen gadget, which I did not really understand or bother to to think about. In all honesty I expected that she would ask for cash, because that is what most people need at this point in time. I always wanted money instead of anything else for a Christmas bonus personally, because obviously you have to buy stuff and you need cash to do that.

The boys are pretty easy to figure out. Of course they each want a couple of thousand dollars worth of video games and video game consoles and all sorts of other stuff. Ian asked for a paint ball machine gun, which was pretty funny to me. Of course the fact that this thing was absurdly expensive did not relate in his world. To be honest I might want one as well, but I am the one who has to pay for it and that means there will not be one. Emily is quite another story. She is apparently happy with her phone and is not really telling me or her mother what to get her. So I have to figure that out some way or another. Irene is going to make me get her something cheap this year, because she thinks the kids get the better Christmas.

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