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Pricing out Places by the Beach

I started thinking about this right after I moved to this part of the country. Of course at first I was worried about storms and if you had lived in some of the Jacksonville beach apartments that I have lived in you would probably have worried about hurricanes too. Of course they go to great lengths to make sure stuff can stand up to the weather down here. They had that one that went through Homestead about fifteen years ago and it scared everyone pretty good. Of course the storms can get so big and fierce that there are always going to be problems, but you just have to make sure you do a few basic things and you are going to be okay most of the time. Of course you have to have hurricane shutters, but a lot of time that is not very complicated.

If you look at a lot of homes down here you can see a rail above the window and another one below it. You just slide a piece of plywood in the space between them and you are ready. Obviously you use deck screws to fasten it to the rails and then do the same thing in reverse when the wind calms down and the storm has blown over. It is not all that hard to do it and obviously the only problem is to be sure that you have the plywood when you need it. You definitely do not want to wait to the last minute and go rushing around looking for it.Of course I wonder how prepared the individual apartment building owners are for this sort of thing. We have big storms one or twice every year and it is always going to hit some part of the state of Florida hard.

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