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Investing in the Stocks is a Gamble

outback-steakhouseI tried getting into the stock market. I really did! One time when I was using a bunch of outback steakhouse coupons to buy my meals everyday, I decided I would invest some money on their stock. I thought that was a great idea since I ate there a lot and enjoyed their food. I decided I would look up how much their stock was and then figure out how to buy some.

I got a newspaper to try to find out what was the stock ticker for it. Well that wasn't easy at all. See all of them are made of codes and I couldn't figure out which one it was! I went to the internet for more info and figure out what their stock ticker was. When I found out I decided to see how the stock was performing. I kept doing my normal everyday tasks at work but kept trying to look at the stock ticker every once in a while. It was doing well for a bit and thought awesome. That is until suddenly it went down.

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