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Get a Credit Report and Save Money in the Long Run

 Free Credit Report - Get Free Credit Report Tansunion Free Credit ...I value my credit rating, and do what I can to protect it from abuse, identity theft and fraud. However, I do not waste money on my protection attempts. The whole reason I protect myself financially is to save money, which is why I only access My Free Credit Report options.

I know that I could pay for my credit report at many various options, but spending those dollars is not going to give me a better credit report, or a more thorough one. I get the same credit report whether I pay for it or not. So why spend money on it?

Getting a credit report is not just about looking back and making sure everything is accurate so that my identity is protected. I do it largely to help myself plan for the future. When I know my credit score and history, I have a really good idea what my near term future is going to look like. I can factor in likely insurance rates, as well as how much interest I will pay in financing my next car or home.

This comes in really handy sometimes, because every once in a while, my credit is so good that paying off a loan early proves a bad idea. Take my student loans for example. With my credit score, I pay less than two percent interest currently. I can get more than two percent interest off of most of my savings in certificates of deposit accounts, so in the long run, I make more money keeping my savings and paying the minimum payments on my student loans. I could not do that without a great credit report or continue doing it unless I kept up with my credit regularly. I honestly do not know how often the experts say we should check our credit report, but as long as I can do it free, I will keep doing it every month.

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