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Almost Got My Credit Score Fixed

-free credit monitoring. With unlimited access to your Equifax credit ...I was looking into getting a car loan about six months ago and I realized that I had really screwed up my credit score and that it was time for me to start looking at ways for me do something about it. The obvious thing was to pay off some credit card bills and start paying all of my bills on time. I just got another credit card on a low introductory rate. I consolidated all of those little debts and began to pay it all back. I looked at getting one of those credit monitoring services as well, but it was just difficult for me to find one that was really free of different fees and such. They wanted to make if confusing and that unusually means that the place is up to something. I figured out how to get it done eventually.

You have a couple of different services that report your credit score at any rate and it seems that mine is usually a bit different than the other one.

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