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From a Burned Apartment to a New One

I was unfortunate enough to have an apartment fire, and althought I got out safely with most of my important belongings, the apartment burned so badly that I couldn't live in it anymore. I moved back into my parents home for a few months while I got back on my feet, and started looking for a new place to live. In my searches, I found my way to http://www.knoxvillepointe.com and learned about the Knoxville Pointe apartments.

I needed an affordable apartment to live in, but I still wanted to have something that was a little better than a run down cheap apartment.


Choosing Satellite Was the Right Choice for Us

I thought that when I did a search for local TV programming, I was going to find a link to the local cable company. What I found instead was a link to the best option for programming, which is Direct TV. There was so much information to be found on the site that I was taken to, and I was even able to chat with the experts with cable-tv.com. There is a ton of information on this site about the different deals and programming plans, plus there is a live chat if you have any questions for them. I did have some questions, because I was confused on a few things.

The experts on the site were extremely helpful in answering all of the questions that I had, and they were able to tell me which plan would be best for me. The part I was confused on was which plan had the most sports and movies on it, and that is when they told me that if I got at least the Choice package, I would get all of the premium movie channels for free for three months.