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Investing in Gold with IRA Rollover

I am worried about my finances, and I really think that it is possible that the economy of the world could collapse in the near future. I am really trying to avoid going broke, if that were to happen. I am really worried about China, in particular, but I will not get into my particular concerns at the moment, because it is not really relevant to the present discussion. I want to find a list of the top gold IRA rollover investing companies to invest my money with and to get away from the current IRA I have. I really do not feel comfortable with my current IRA, because of my beliefs about the economy and the future of it.

I am really scared for my children, because they do not believe that I am correct, but I think that I am. Even if I am not right, I still think that it is the prudent thing to do, and to act as if the future of the economy is not very certain at all. I want to protect my money, because I never want to end up in a situation where I am broke. I grew up poor, and it was terrible, and so I never want to end up in that same sort of situation again in my life. It was really tough growing up, and my family had been poor for decades before I was born.

I am lucky to have gotten out of that situation, and I am going to do everything in my power to safeguard my current quality of life and the things that I am able to afford. I am pretty attached to eating the food that I currently eat, and that might be the hardest thing to deal with if I were poor.